Beekeeping for me began as an interest in the bee 's world and was evolved very quickly into a great love. A love and an immense admiration for its discipline, organization and hard work.

A love that, after much reading, seminars, effort and sacrifices, has benefited me. So, I created a limited production of honey, from heather, thyme and chestnut tree, under the name 12 bees.

12bees have devoted their whole lives to make just one spoonful of honey. Just one spoonful of honey that contains all the aroma and the taste of Argolic land, which thanks to the care provided by just one beekeeper, you can now enjoy it in its purest form.

It is a great pleasure for me today to offer you a series of pure and raw honey with a common denominator of true taste and high nutritional value.

12 bees with a lot of care from nature and me, especially for you.


Theodoros Kafantaris